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How I got started...

My name is Jennifer Whitehead and I am a registered nurse and mother of four beautiful children. Due to washing my hands constantly and using hand sanitizer, I developed severely dry skin. One day in my quest to find a good lotion, I stopped to read the list of ingredients on the back of the bottles. The main ingredient was usually water, and several others that I couldn't even pronounce. That was when I decided to start making my own.  In my trial-and-error phase, I used my fellow nurses as guinea pigs. Guess what? They loved it so much they wanted more! That was how I got started, plain and simple.

Later, I added bath bombs and soy candles due to requests from friends. And OK, I'll admit it, I was a little addicted to bath bombs! They were just so expensive that I couldn't justify continuing to buy them, no matter how beneficial they were. I found that  can make them just as good, for a fraction of what I'd been paying retail. No, there's no pretty little ring inside, but who needs a cheap ring? 

I'd rather save the money!

Have a Scentsy pot? Tired of paying ridiculous prices for fragrances that never last? Try some of my soy fragrance melts! One cube per pot is all it takes for fabulous, long-lasting fragrance!

Did you know that most lip balms have Beeswax as a main ingredient? Beeswax actually DRIES out your lips and creates a dependence on lip balm.  Want a lip balm that's GOOD for your lips? Try my mint-flavored lip balm in either the high-shine, medium-shine or no-shine versions. Just drop me a note letting me know which one you prefer when you place your order!

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